World’s Longest Human Chain: 2,000,000 People

It is easy to find depressing statistics. I love this one as it is both big and happy.

In August 1989 two million people joined hands across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as part of a campaign
for independence from the Soviet Union. By March 1990 Lithuania had independence. Both Latvia and Estonia
followed in August 1991.

Source: The Guinness Book Of Records.

Submitted by: James Yarker


One response to “World’s Longest Human Chain: 2,000,000 People

  1. As part of the same campaign 250,000 Estonians took part in an event called Estonian Song on 11th September 1988 (which gives us another happy statistic for a day more associated with unhappiness).These statistics become more amazing when you learn the population of Estonia is only around 1.3 million. The equivalant would be 11.5 million people in the UK taking part in a live singing event!

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