People Who Have Seen This Show.

Dan echoes many people suggesting we have pile of rice representing everyone who has seen the show.
We should really get our act together and try and collate this information. By now this number should be respectable enough to not be laughed at.


2 responses to “People Who Have Seen This Show.

  1. i think you should do this by getting everyone who comes in to place a grain of rice…so start the pile and keep it growing… i suppose that might ruin how you have the total equalling the population but I think you are clever enough to get round that somehow.

  2. It would be great to rely on this simple and brilliant technique for an accurate number of visitors. However, when we did a UK version of the show in Frankley Community High School we tried it out. At the end of the first afternoon I estimated we’d had about 100 or so visitors, but there were 2000 grains of rice in the visitors bowl! Mmmmm. Foul play suspected!

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