Members Of The Georgian Regular Army: 11,320


The coincidence of the Georgian armed conflict with Russia and the opening of the Olympic Games led me to explore if there were any other ways of linking the two events. I’d been staggered by the size of the Olympic Opening ceremony cast (14,000) a hunch told me the Georgian Army could be small and indeed the numbers are comparable. Pushing things I wondered how many people lived in the disputed region of South Ossetia and found that, even before so many of them fled the fighting, they could all comfortably be accomodated in the 91,000 seats of the Birds Nest stadium. As for the population of Georgia itself, it’s roughly equivalent to that of St.Petersberg.

This collection of statistics along with two grains of rice acting the Georgian and Russian pistol shooters embracing on the Olympic medal podium recently formed a section of the show in Hamburg.

Sources: Mostly the BBC.

Submitted by: James


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