Sailors Completing the first Circumnavigation of the Globe 8/9/1522: 18

Those who set off on the voyage 238.

Chosen: because the voyage was a iconic and an amazing story.

Source: Jerry Brotton A History of the World in Twelve Maps.

Submitted by James


4am Project Photographers, Birmingham photo walk, The Bullring,14th April 2013 = 16

chosen: Local initiative organised by @KarenStrunks and a project celebrating its 4th anniversary.


Submitted by Mark Wilson

The aim of the 4amproject is to gather a collection of photos from around the world at the magical time of 4am. Everyone can take part and join in! All you need is a camera. We want to see what you see at that moment in time on that one day. What’s your view at 4am?

More information about the 4am project can be found HERE

Prisoners Held In Guantanamo Bay On Hunger Strike: 130/52

Total Prisoners: 166
Prisoners Officially Acknowledged as on Hunger Strike: 52
Prisoners Defence Lawyers Believe To be on Hunger Strike: 130
Prisoners Being Force Fed: 13

Chosen: Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay was a resonant statistic in early versions of the show a decade ago so to be reminded of this enduring problem is important. Also, it is always useful for the show to acknowledge that statistics are regularly disputed.

Source: The Today Program BBC Radio 4

Submitted By: James

The Archers

Number of writers working on Radio 4’s ‘The Archers’ living in Birmingham: 4
Number of writers working on ‘The Archers’: 12
Number of weekly listeners to ‘The Archers’: 5,000,000

Chosen: Partly out of egotism (I’m one of the writers!) but also because Birmingham should be more proud of being home (in the Mailbox) to the world’s longest running soap opera.

Submitted By: Tim Stimpson

Source: Member of production and RAJAR audience figures

Prison Statistics

UK Prison Population (5th April 2013) – 83,867

Convicts aboard the first British convict fleet of ships to land in Australia in 1788 – 717 (Source:

chosen: An interesting comparison between the two very different figures and the change in culture

Submitted by: Mark Wilson

British Prime Ministers Educated at Mason Science College (University of Birmingham): 2

52 British Prime Ministers (Individuals)
26 Educated at Oxford University
2 Educated at Mason Science College (University of Birmingham)

chosen: Local link with Birmingham (Chamberlain & Baldwin) Education establishments


Submitted by: Mark Wilson

Registered Pigeon Fanciers In The UK: 43,000

Chosen: Stat Gold!

Source: Royal Associaton omf Pigeon Fanciers – The Today program BBC Radio 4.

Submitted By: James